The Pacifica software is available through PyPi so creating a virtual environment to install is what is shown below. Please keep in mind compatibility with the Pacifica Core services.

Installation in Virtual Environment

These installation instructions are intended to work on both Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Please keep that in mind when following the instructions.

Please install the appropriate tested version of Python for maximum chance of success.

Linux and Mac Installation

mkdir ~/.virtualenvs
python -m virtualenv ~/.virtualenvs/pacifica
. ~/.virtualenvs/pacifica/bin/activate
pip install pacifica-metadata

Windows Installation

This is done using PowerShell. Please do not use Batch Command.

mkdir "$Env:LOCALAPPDATA\virtualenvs"
python.exe -m virtualenv "$Env:LOCALAPPDATA\virtualenvs\pacifica"
& "$Env:LOCALAPPDATA\virtualenvs\pacifica\Scripts\activate.ps1"
pip install pacifica-metadata