Source code for pacifica.metadata.orm.file_key_value

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""FileKeyValue links Files and Keys and Values objects."""
from peewee import ForeignKeyField, CompositeKey
from .base import DB
from .utils import index_hash
from .files import Files
from .values import Values
from .keys import Keys
from import CherryPyAPI

[docs]class FileKeyValue(CherryPyAPI): """ FileKeyValue attributes are foreign keys. Attributes: +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Name | Description | +===================+=====================================+ | file | Link to the File model | +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | key | Link to the Key model | +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | value | Link to the Value model | +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ """ file = ForeignKeyField(Files, backref='metadata') key = ForeignKeyField(Keys, backref='file_links') value = ForeignKeyField(Values, backref='file_links') # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods class Meta(object): """PeeWee meta class contains the database and the primary key.""" database = DB primary_key = CompositeKey('file', 'key', 'value') # pylint: enable=too-few-public-methods
[docs] def to_hash(self, **flags): """Convert the object to a hash.""" obj = super(FileKeyValue, self).to_hash(**flags) obj['_id'] = index_hash(int(self.__data__['key']), int(self.__data__['file']), int(self.__data__['value'])) obj['file'] = int(self.__data__['file']) obj['key'] = int(self.__data__['key']) obj['value'] = int(self.__data__['value']) return obj
[docs] def from_hash(self, obj): """Convert the hash into the object.""" super(FileKeyValue, self).from_hash(obj) self._set_only_if('file', obj, 'file', lambda: Files.get( == obj['file'])) self._set_only_if('key', obj, 'key', lambda: Keys.get( == obj['key'])) self._set_only_if('value', obj, 'value', lambda: Values.get( == obj['value']))
[docs] @classmethod def where_clause(cls, kwargs): """Where clause for the various elements.""" where_clause = super(FileKeyValue, cls).where_clause(kwargs) attrs = ['file', 'key', 'value'] return cls._where_attr_clause(where_clause, kwargs, attrs)