Source code for pacifica.metadata.orm.values

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Contains the model for metadata values."""
from peewee import CharField, TextField
from import CherryPyAPI
from .utils import unicode_type

[docs]class Values(CherryPyAPI): """ Values model class for metadata. Attributes: +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Name | Description | +===================+=====================================+ | value | generic value for some metadata | +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | display_name | value display name | +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | description | value long description | +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | encoding | language encoding of the value | +-------------------+-------------------------------------+ """ value = CharField(default='', index=True) display_name = CharField(default='', index=True) description = TextField(default='') encoding = CharField(default='UTF8')
[docs] def to_hash(self, **flags): """Convert the object to a hash.""" obj = super(Values, self).to_hash(**flags) obj['_id'] = int( for attr in ['value', 'display_name', 'description']: obj[attr] = unicode_type(getattr(self, attr)) obj['encoding'] = str(self.encoding) return obj
[docs] def from_hash(self, obj): """Convert the hash to the object.""" super(Values, self).from_hash(obj) self._set_only_if('_id', obj, 'id', lambda: obj['_id']) for attr in ['value', 'display_name', 'description']: self._set_only_if( attr, obj, attr, lambda o=obj, a=attr: unicode_type(o[a]) ) self._set_only_if('encoding', obj, 'encoding', lambda: str(obj['encoding']))
[docs] @classmethod def where_clause(cls, kwargs): """PeeWee specific where clause used for search.""" where_clause = super(Values, cls).where_clause(kwargs) return cls._where_attr_clause( where_clause, kwargs, ['value', 'display_name', 'description', 'encoding'] )