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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""CherryPy DOI Registration Updater object class."""
from __future__ import print_function
from uuid import uuid4
from cherrypy import tools, request, HTTPError
from ...config import get_config
from ...orm.base import DB
from ...orm import DOITransaction, TransactionUser, DOIInfo, Relationships
from ..user_queries.user_search import UserSearch
from import emit_event
from .doi_registration_base import DOIRegistrationBase
# pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods

[docs]class DOIRegistrationEntry(DOIRegistrationBase): """Updates the database with new DOI registration info from registration API.""" exposed = True
[docs] @staticmethod def _add_doi_record_entry(doi_info): # translate existing user from network id user_info = UserSearch.search_for_user( doi_info.get('owner_network_id'), 'simple').pop() meta_info = doi_info.get('meta') infix_components = meta_info.get('doi_infix').split('.') transaction_id = infix_components.pop() # Check if transaction is released # pylint: disable=no-member tr_check_query = TransactionUser().select().join(Relationships).where( ( == 'authorized_releaser') & (TransactionUser.relationship == Relationships.uuid) & (TransactionUser.transaction == transaction_id) ) # pylint: enable=no-member if tr_check_query.count() == 0: message = 'Transaction {0} has not been released'.format( transaction_id) raise HTTPError('400 Bad Request', message) # make sure this record doesn't already exist # add doi_entry record with DB.atomic(): DOIRegistrationEntry.make_doi_entry_info( doi_info.get('doi'), meta_info, user_info.get('person_id') ) # add doi to transaction mapping doi_trans_map_item = { 'doi': doi_info.get('doi'), 'transaction': tr_check_query.execute()[0].uuid } doi_trans_mapping, mapping_created = DOITransaction.get_or_create( **doi_trans_map_item) registration_info_item = { 'doi': doi_info.get('doi'), 'key': 'minting_api_id', 'value': doi_info.get('id') } DOIInfo.get_or_create( **registration_info_item ) return doi_trans_mapping.doi.doi, mapping_created
# CherryPy requires these named methods. # pylint: disable=invalid-name
[docs] @staticmethod @tools.json_out() @tools.json_in() def POST(): """Upload and create new DOI Entries.""" items = request.json if not isinstance(items, (list,)) and isinstance(items, (dict, )): items = [items] new_entries_info = [] for item in items: new_entry, _created = DOIRegistrationEntry._add_doi_record_entry( item) new_entries_info.append({ 'entry': new_entry, 'was_created': _created }) emit_event( eventType=get_config().get('notifications', 'doientry_eventtype'), source=get_config().get('notifications', 'doientry_source'), eventID=get_config().get('notifications', 'doientry_eventid').format(uuid=uuid4()), data=new_entries_info ) return new_entries_info