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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""CherryPy DOI Registration Updater object class."""
from __future__ import print_function
from uuid import uuid4
from xml.etree import ElementTree
from cherrypy import tools, request, HTTPError
from dateutil.parser import parse
from ...orm import DOIAuthors, DOIAuthorMapping, DOIEntries
from ...orm.base import DB
from ...config import get_config
from import emit_event
from .doi_registration_base import DOIRegistrationBase

# pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods

[docs]class DOIRegistrationUpdate(DOIRegistrationBase): """Updates the database with new DOI registration info from registration API.""" exposed = True
[docs] @staticmethod def _process_updated_osti_info(osti_xml_string): """Access the server at OSTI and get all the relevant details for this DOI.""" try: tree = ElementTree.fromstring(osti_xml_string) except ElementTree.ParseError: raise HTTPError(400, 'Bad Request: Invalid XML Document') record_count = int(tree.attrib['numfound']) if record_count == 0: raise HTTPError(404, 'No DOI Entries found in this XML') record = tree[0] current_status = record.attrib['status'].lower() release_status = record.attrib['released'].lower() == 'y' doi_string = record.find('doi').text doi_info, creators_block = DOIRegistrationUpdate._extract_doi_info_from_xml( record) if DOIRegistrationUpdate._check_for_doi_entry(doi_string): with DB.atomic(): DOIRegistrationUpdate._extract_authors( creators_block, doi_string) DOIRegistrationUpdate.change_doi_entry_info( doi_string, doi_info, current_status, release_status) else: raise HTTPError(404, 'DOI Entry %s does not exist' % doi_string) return doi_string
[docs] @staticmethod def _extract_doi_info_from_xml(record_object): doi_info = {} creators_block = record_object.find('creatorsblock') record_object.remove(creators_block) for child in record_object: info = DOIRegistrationUpdate._process_child_object(child) if info: doi_info[child.tag] = info return doi_info, creators_block
[docs] @staticmethod def _process_child_object(child_object): info = None if child_object.text: info = child_object.text if 'date' in child_object.tag and child_object.text != 'none': info = parse(child_object.text).strftime('%Y-%m-%d') return info
[docs] @staticmethod def _check_for_doi_entry(doi_string): check_query = == doi_string) return check_query.count() > 0
[docs] @staticmethod def _extract_authors(creatorsblock_element, doi_string): author_list = [{x.tag: x.text for x in el} for el in creatorsblock_element] DOIRegistrationUpdate._update_author_info(author_list, doi_string)
[docs] @staticmethod def _clean_author_info(author_info): author_info_mapping = { 'first_name': 'first_name', 'last_name': 'last_name', 'affiliation_name': 'affiliation', 'private_email': 'email', 'orcid_id': 'orcid' } my_author_info = {} for key in author_info: if key in author_info_mapping: my_key = author_info_mapping[key] my_author_info[my_key] = author_info[key] return my_author_info
[docs] @staticmethod def _update_author_info(author_list, doi_string): # cross check author list with doi_authors # adding new and retrieving existing author_id_list = [] for author_info in author_list: my_author_info = DOIRegistrationUpdate._clean_author_info( author_info) author, _created = DOIAuthors.get_or_create(**my_author_info) author_id_list.append( # add doi to author mappings author_order = 0 for author_id in author_id_list: author_order += 1 author_map_insert_item = {'author_order': author_order} author_map_lookup_item = {'author': author_id, 'doi': doi_string} DOIAuthorMapping.get_or_create( defaults=author_map_insert_item, **author_map_lookup_item)
# CherryPy requires these named methods. # pylint: disable=invalid-name
[docs] @staticmethod @tools.json_out() def POST(): """Update existing DOI Entries.""" valid_content_types = ['application/xml', 'text/xml'] headers = request.headers if headers['Content-type'] not in valid_content_types: raise HTTPError(415, 'Expected an entity of content type %s' % ', '.join(valid_content_types)) osti_xml_string = doi_string = DOIRegistrationUpdate._process_updated_osti_info( osti_xml_string) emit_event( eventType=get_config().get('notifications', 'doiupdate_eventtype'), source=get_config().get('notifications', 'doiupdate_source'), eventID=get_config().get('notifications', 'doiupdate_eventid').format( doi=doi_string, uuid=uuid4() ), data=doi_string ) return doi_string