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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Core interface for the ingest of metadata objects.

Example uploaded data::

    {"destinationTable": "Transactions._id", "value": 1234},
    {"destinationTable": "Transactions.submitter", "value": 34002},
    {"destinationTable": "Transactions.project", "value": 34002},
    {"destinationTable": "Transactions.instrument", "value": 34002},
    {"destinationTable": "TransactionKeyValue", "key": "Tag", "value": "Blah"},
    {"destinationTable": "TransactionKeyValue", "key": "Taggy", "value": "Blah"},
    {"destinationTable": "TransactionKeyValue", "key": "Taggier", "value": "Blah"}
      "destinationTable": "Files",
      "_id": 34, "name": "foo.txt", "subdir": "a/b/",
      "ctime": "Tue Nov 29 14:09:05 PST 2016",
      "mtime": "Tue Nov 29 14:09:05 PST 2016",
      "size": 128, "mimetype": "text/plain"
        "destinationTable": "FileKeyValue",
        "key": "Micronic Adjustment",
        "value": "5.66%",
        "file_id": 34
      "destinationTable": "Files",
      "_id": 35, "name": "bar.txt", "subdir": "a/b/",
      "ctime": "Tue Nov 29 14:09:05 PST 2016",
      "mtime": "Tue Nov 29 14:09:05 PST 2016",
      "size": 47, "mimetype": "text/plain"
from __future__ import print_function
import hashlib
from six import binary_type
from cherrypy import request, tools
from pacifica.metadata.config import get_config
from pacifica.metadata.orm.transsip import TransSIP
from pacifica.metadata.orm.transactions import Transactions
from pacifica.metadata.orm.trans_key_value import TransactionKeyValue
from pacifica.metadata.orm.file_key_value import FileKeyValue
from pacifica.metadata.orm.keys import Keys
from pacifica.metadata.orm.values import Values
from pacifica.metadata.orm.files import Files
from pacifica.metadata.orm.base import db_connection_decorator

from .events import emit_event

# pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods

[docs]class IngestAPI(object): """Uploader ingest API.""" exposed = True
[docs] @staticmethod def validate_mime_type(mimetype): """Validate the mimetype string.""" valid_prefixes = [ 'application', 'audio', 'font', 'example', 'image', 'message', 'model', 'mulitpart', 'text', 'video' ] validated = False for prefix in valid_prefixes: if prefix + '/' == mimetype[:len(prefix) + 1]: validated = True return validated
[docs] @staticmethod def validate_hash_data(hashtype, hashsum): """Validate the hashtype and hashsum are valid.""" if hashtype not in hashlib.algorithms_available: return False try: int(hashsum, 16) except ValueError: return False hashd = getattr(hashlib, hashtype)() hashd.update(binary_type()) if len(hashsum) != len(hashd.hexdigest()): return False return True
[docs] @staticmethod def validate_file_meta(file_meta): """Validate the file metadata.""" if not IngestAPI.validate_mime_type(file_meta['mimetype']): return False if not IngestAPI.validate_hash_data(file_meta['hashtype'], file_meta['hashsum']): return False return True
# CherryPy requires these named methods. # pylint: disable=invalid-name @staticmethod @tools.json_in() @tools.json_out() @db_connection_decorator def PUT(): """Sample doc string to put data to the server.""" def pull_value_by_attr(json, table, attr): """Pull a value out of the json hash.""" return [part[attr] for part in json if part['destinationTable'] == table][0] def pull_kv_by_attr(json): """Yield key value pairs from the json hash.""" for part in json: if part['destinationTable'] == 'TransactionKeyValue': yield (part['key'], part['value']) def pull_fkv_by_attr(json): """Yield key values pairs for the file_key_value store from the json hash.""" for part in json: if part['destinationTable'] == 'FileKeyValue': yield (part['key'], part['value'], part['file_id']) def pull_file_by_attr(json): """Yield the files as a hash from the json hash.""" for part in json: if part['destinationTable'] == 'Files': ret = {} parts = [ 'name', 'subdir', 'mtime', 'ctime', 'size', 'mimetype', '_id', 'hashsum', 'hashtype' ] for key in parts: ret[key] = part[key] if not IngestAPI.validate_file_meta(ret): raise ValueError( 'Invalid metadata for file {0}'.format(ret['_id'])) yield ret def generate_tkvs(json): """Extract TransactionKeyValues as a hash from the json hash.""" keys = [] values = [] tkvs = [] for key, value in pull_kv_by_attr(json): keys.append({'key': key}) values.append({'value': value}) # pylint: disable=protected-access Keys()._set_or_create(keys) Values()._set_or_create(values) # pylint: enable=protected-access for key, value in pull_kv_by_attr(json): # key_obj = Keys.get(key=key) # value_obj = Values.get(value=value) tkvs.append({ 'key': Keys.get(key=key).id, 'transaction': transaction_hash['_id'], 'value': Values.get(value=value).id }) return tkvs def generate_fkvs(json): """Extract FileKeyValues as a hash from the json hash.""" file_keys = [] file_values = [] fkvs = [] for key, value, file_id in pull_fkv_by_attr(json): file_keys.append({'key': key}) file_values.append({'value': value}) # pylint: disable=protected-access Keys()._set_or_create(file_keys) Values()._set_or_create(file_values) # pylint: enable=protected-access for key, value, file_id in pull_fkv_by_attr(json): # key_obj = # value_obj = Values.get(value=value) fkvs.append({ 'key': Keys.get(key=key).id, 'value': Values.get(value=value).id, 'file': file_id }) return fkvs def extract_files(json): """Extract file entries as a hash from the json hash.""" files = [] for file_hash in pull_file_by_attr(json): file_hash['transaction'] = transaction_hash['_id'] files.append(file_hash) return files transaction_hash = { '_id': pull_value_by_attr(request.json, 'Transactions._id', 'value') } transsip_hash = { '_id': pull_value_by_attr(request.json, 'Transactions._id', 'value'), 'submitter': pull_value_by_attr(request.json, 'Transactions.submitter', 'value'), 'instrument': pull_value_by_attr(request.json, 'Transactions.instrument', 'value'), 'project': pull_value_by_attr(request.json, 'Transactions.project', 'value') } # pylint: disable=protected-access Transactions()._insert(transaction_hash) TransSIP()._insert(transsip_hash) TransactionKeyValue()._insert(generate_tkvs(request.json)) Files()._insert(extract_files(request.json)) FileKeyValue()._insert(generate_fkvs(request.json)) # pylint: enable=protected-access if not get_config().getboolean('notifications', 'disabled'): emit_event( eventType=get_config().get('notifications', 'ingest_eventtype'), source=get_config().get('notifications', 'ingest_source').format( _id=pull_value_by_attr(request.json, 'Transactions._id', 'value') ), eventID=get_config().get('notifications', 'ingest_eventid').format( _id=pull_value_by_attr(request.json, 'Transactions._id', 'value') ), data=request.json ) return {'status': 'success'}