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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""CherryPy Status Metadata projectinfo base class."""
from pacifica.metadata.orm.instrument_group import InstrumentGroup
from pacifica.metadata.orm.groups import Groups

[docs]class QueryBase(object): """Retrieves a set of instruments for a given keyword set."""
[docs] @staticmethod def format_instrument_block(instrument_entry): """Construct a dictionary from a given instrument instance in the metadata stack.""" _ie = instrument_entry # pylint: disable=no-member g_names = ).join( InstrumentGroup ).where( InstrumentGroup.instrument == ) # pylint: enable=no-member category = g_names[0].name if g_names else 'Miscellaneous' name = display_name = u'[{0} / ID:{1}] {2}'.format( category,, name ) return { 'id':, 'category': category, 'groups': [ for g in g_names], 'display_name': display_name, 'name': name, 'name_short': _ie.name_short, 'active': }
[docs] @staticmethod def instrument_help_block_message(): """Assemble a block of relevant help text to be returned with an invalid request.""" message = 'You must supply either a instrument id (like "/instrumentinfo/<instrument_id>")' message += ' or search for one using the form "/instrumentinfo/search/<search_term_1>+<search_term_2>"' return message