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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""CherryPy Status Metadata object class."""
import cherrypy
from cherrypy import tools
from pacifica.metadata.orm import TransSIP
from import QueryBase
from pacifica.metadata.orm.base import db_connection_decorator

[docs]class ProjectHasData(QueryBase): """Does the project have data for instruments.""" exposed = True # CherryPy requires these named methods # Add HEAD (basically Get without returning body # pylint: disable=invalid-name @staticmethod @tools.json_out() @tools.json_in() @db_connection_decorator def POST(): """CherryPy GET method.""" ret_hash = {} for project_id in cherrypy.request.json: ret_hash[project_id] = [] instlist = [trans.instrument for trans in TransSIP.instrument ).where( TransSIP.project == project_id ).distinct()] for instrument in instlist: data = [x.created for x in TransSIP.created ).where( (TransSIP.project == project_id) & (TransSIP.instrument == instrument) ).order_by( TransSIP.created.desc() ).limit(10)] ret_hash[project_id].append({ 'instrument':, 'end_time': data[0].isoformat(), 'start_time': data[-1].isoformat(), 'num_results': len(data) }) return ret_hash