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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""CherryPy Status Metadata object class."""
import re
import cherrypy
from cherrypy import tools, HTTPError
from peewee import DoesNotExist
from pacifica.metadata.orm import Projects, Instruments, ProjectInstrument
from import QueryBase
from pacifica.metadata.orm.base import db_connection_decorator

[docs]class ProjectLookup(QueryBase): """Retrieves a set of projects for a given keyword set.""" exposed = True
[docs] @staticmethod def _get_project_details(project_id): """Return a formatted dictionary containing the details of a given Project entry.""" terms = re.findall(r'[^+ ,;]+', str(project_id)) for term in terms: # Take the first thing that matches standard project id numbering if re.match('[0-9]+[a-z]?', term): project_id = term break try: project_entry = (Projects.get( == project_id)) except DoesNotExist: message = 'No Project with an ID of {0} was found'.format( project_id) raise HTTPError('404 Not Found', message) proj_inst = ProjectInstrument() pi_where_clause = proj_inst.where_clause( {'project_id': project_id}) instrument_entries = (Instruments .select(, Instruments.display_name,, Instruments.name_short, ) .order_by( .join(ProjectInstrument) .where(pi_where_clause)) instruments = { { 'id':, 'display_name': i.display_name, 'name':, 'name_short': i.name_short, 'active': } for i in instrument_entries} return QueryBase.format_project_block(project_entry, instruments)
# CherryPy requires these named methods # Add HEAD (basically Get without returning body # pylint: disable=invalid-name @staticmethod @tools.json_out() @db_connection_decorator def GET(project_id=None): """CherryPy GET method.""" if project_id is not None and re.match('[0-9]+[a-z]*', project_id): cherrypy.log.error('project details request') return ProjectLookup._get_project_details(project_id) else: message = 'Invalid project details lookup request. ' message += "'{0}' is not a valid project_id".format( project_id) cherrypy.log.error(message) raise HTTPError( status='400 Invalid Request Options', message=QueryBase.project_help_block_message() )