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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""CherryPy TKV Metadata object class."""
from cherrypy import tools, request
from pacifica.metadata.orm import TransactionKeyValue, Keys, Values
from pacifica.metadata.orm.utils import unicode_type
from pacifica.metadata.orm.base import DB

# pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods
[docs]class UploadEntries(object): """Uploads new transaction key/value pairs to Pacifica.""" upload_keys_cache = {} exposed = True
[docs] @staticmethod def add_or_update(item_list): """Add or update transacton key value items.""" key_cache = {} value_cache = {} for transaction in item_list: item = item_list[transaction] key_diff = list(set(item.keys()) - set(key_cache.keys())) if key_diff: key_cache = UploadEntries._update_id_list( item.keys(), Keys, 'key') value_diff = list(set(item.values()) - set(value_cache.keys())) if value_diff: value_cache = UploadEntries._update_id_list( item.values(), Values, 'value') UploadEntries._insert_kv_mappings( item, key_cache, value_cache, transaction) return {'status': 'success'}
# we should have a complete set of key ids now
[docs] @staticmethod def _get_id_list(names_list, model_obj, field_name): field_attr = getattr(model_obj, field_name) id_attr = getattr(model_obj, 'id') query = (model_obj .select() .distinct() .where(field_attr << list(names_list)) .order_by(id_attr)).dicts() return {o[field_name]: o['id'] for o in query}
[docs] @staticmethod def _update_id_list(names_list, model_obj, field_name): names_list = list(map(unicode_type, list(names_list))) local_list = UploadEntries._get_id_list( names_list, model_obj, field_name) diff = list(set(list(names_list)) - set(local_list.keys())) insert_list = [{field_name: str(o)} for o in diff] if insert_list: with DB.atomic(): model_obj.insert_many(insert_list).execute() return UploadEntries._get_id_list(names_list, model_obj, field_name)
[docs] @staticmethod def _insert_kv_mappings(item, key_cache, value_cache, transaction_id): insert_list = [] for field in item: value = str(item[str(field)]) key_id = key_cache[str(field)] value_id = value_cache[value] insert_list.append({ 'key': key_id, 'value': value_id, 'transaction': transaction_id }) insert_count = 0 if insert_list: with DB.atomic(): for insert_item in insert_list: TransactionKeyValue.get_or_create(**insert_item) insert_count += 1 return insert_count
# Cherrypy requires these named methods. # pylint: disable=invalid-name
[docs] @staticmethod @tools.json_in() @tools.json_out() def POST(): """Return file details for the list of file id's.""" items = request.json return UploadEntries.add_or_update(items)