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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""CherryPy Status Metadata projectinfo base class."""
from pacifica.metadata.orm import UserGroup, Projects, ProjectUser

[docs]class QueryBase(object): """Retrieves a set of projects for a given keyword set."""
[docs] @staticmethod def format_user_block(user_entry, option=None): """Construct a dictionary from a given user instance in the metadata stack.""" user_hash = user_entry.to_hash() project_xref = ProjectUser() where_exp = project_xref.where_clause({'user':}) project_person_query = ( project_list = [proj['project'] for proj in project_person_query] clean_projects = {} if project_list: projects =, Projects.title, Projects.short_name, Projects.project_type, Projects.science_theme ).where( << project_list).dicts() for proj in projects: proj_id = proj['id'] clean_projects[proj_id] = proj display_name = u'[User ID {0}] {1} {2} &lt;{3}&gt;'.format(, user_hash.get('first_name'), user_hash.get('last_name'), user_hash.get('email_address') ) if option != 'simple': return_block = { 'category': user_hash.get('last_name')[:1], 'person_id': user_hash.get('_id'), 'first_name': user_hash.get('first_name'), 'last_name': user_hash.get('last_name'), 'network_id': user_hash.get('network_id'), 'email_address': user_hash.get('email_address'), 'last_updated': user_hash.get('updated'), 'display_name': display_name, 'simple_display_name': u'{0} {1}'.format( user_hash.get('first_name'), user_hash.get('last_name')), 'emsl_employee': False, 'projects': clean_projects } else: return_block = { 'person_id': user_hash.get('_id'), 'first_name': user_hash.get('first_name'), 'last_name': user_hash.get('last_name'), 'display_name': u'{0} {1}'.format( user_hash.get('first_name'), user_hash.get('last_name') ), 'email_address': user_hash.get('email_address'), 'emsl_employee': False } return_block['emsl_employee'] = QueryBase._is_admin_user(user_entry) return return_block
[docs] @staticmethod def _is_admin_user(user_entry): is_admin = False where_exp = UserGroup().where_clause({'person_id':}) for group in if group.person_id == is_admin = True break return is_admin
[docs] @staticmethod def compose_help_block_message(): """Assemble a block of relevant help text to be returned with an invalid request.""" message = 'You must supply either a numeric person id (like "/userinfo/<person_id>")' message += ' or search for one using the form ' message += '"/userinfo/search/<search_term_1>+<search_term_2>"' return message