Client Python Module

Metadata Client Module.

class pacifica.metadata.client.PMClient(url)[source]

Pacifica Metadata Client.

This class provides client API to connect to the metadata service


Constructor takes the url to the endpoint.

create(cls_type, set_hash)[source]

Create the object of type based on hash.

delete(cls_type, query_hash)[source]

Delete the object of type from query_hash.

get(cls_type, query_hash)[source]

Get the object of type from query_hash.

headers = {'content-type': 'application/json'}
update(cls_type, query_hash, set_hash)[source]

Update the object.

Update object of type returned from query_hash and set the values in set_hash

exception pacifica.metadata.client.PMClientError[source]

Base Exception Error Class.