Citation Contributor Python Module

CitationContributor links citations and their authors.

class pacifica.metadata.orm.citation_contributor.CitationContributor(*args, **kwargs)[source]

CitationsContributors data model.

Name Description
citation Link to the Citation model
author Link to the Contributor model
author_precedence Order of the Author in the Citation

alias of CitationContributorDoesNotExist

_meta = <peewee.Metadata object>
_schema = <peewee.SchemaManager object>
author = <ForeignKeyField:>
author_id = <ForeignKeyField:>
author_precedence = <IntegerField: CitationContributor.author_precedence>
citation = <ForeignKeyField: CitationContributor.citation>
citation_id = <ForeignKeyField: CitationContributor.citation>
created = <ExtendDateTimeField: CitationContributor.created>
deleted = <ExtendDateTimeField: CitationContributor.deleted>

Convert the hash into the object.


Convert the object to a hash.

updated = <ExtendDateTimeField: CitationContributor.updated>
classmethod where_clause(kwargs)[source]

Where clause for the various elements.