Elastic Python Module

Elastic search orm classes and utilities.


Create the elastic search index for all our data.


Recursively try to connect to elasticsearch.

Core interface for the uploader metadata objects to interface with CherryPy.

class pacifica.metadata.elastic.elasticupdate.ElasticSearchUpdateAPI


static POST(object_class_name, recursion_depth=1)

Implement the POST HTTP method.

Pushes updated content to the ElasticSearch cluster.


list of weak references to the object (if defined)

static push_elastic_updates(*args, **kwargs)

Wrapper to connect and close connection to database.

static read_md_records(md_records, myclass, recursion_depth)

Make a generator object to be used in push_elastic_updates.

Elastic search core class to convert db object.

class pacifica.metadata.elastic.orm.ElasticAPI

Elastic search conversion and interface methods.


list of weak references to the object (if defined)

classmethod create_elastic_mapping()

Create elastic search index from object mappings.

Take the elastic search mapping from the object and create an elastic search index with it. PUT /{index}/_mapping/{type} { body }

classmethod elastic_delete(obj)

Delete the object for the class in elastic search.

classmethod elastic_mapping()

Return the elasticsearch mapping for the object.

static elastic_mapping_builder(obj)

Build elastic mapping properties hash from object.

classmethod elastic_upload(objs)

Upload the object for the class to elastic search.