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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""CherryPy Status Metadata object class."""
import re
from cherrypy import tools, HTTPError
from pacifica.metadata.orm import Projects, ProjectUser
from import QueryBase
from import user_exists_decorator
from pacifica.metadata.orm.base import db_connection_decorator

[docs]class ProjectUserSearch(QueryBase): """ProjectUserSearch API.""" exposed = True @staticmethod @user_exists_decorator def get_projects_for_user(user_id): """Return a list of formatted project objects for the indicated user.""" # get list of project_ids for this user where_clause = ProjectUser().where_clause( {'user_id': user_id}) # pylint: disable=no-member projects = (Projects .select(, Projects.title, Projects.actual_start_date, Projects.actual_end_date, Projects.closed_date, Projects.accepted_date, Projects.submitted_date, Projects.project_type ) .join(ProjectUser) .where(where_clause) .order_by(Projects.title)) # pylint: enable=no-member return [QueryBase.format_project_block(p) for p in projects if p] # pylint: disable=invalid-name @staticmethod @tools.json_out() @db_connection_decorator def GET(user_id=None): """Return a set of projects for a given user.""" if user_id is not None: user_ids = re.findall('[0-9]+', user_id) if user_ids: user_id = int(user_ids.pop(0)) else: raise HTTPError( '400 Invalid User ID', '"{0}" is not a valid user ID'.format(user_id) ) else: raise HTTPError( '400 Invalid User ID', 'No user ID specified' ) return ProjectUserSearch.get_projects_for_user(user_id)