Contributors Python Module

Contributors model describes an author to a journal article.

class pacifica.metadata.orm.contributors.Contributors(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Contributors object and associated fields.

Name Description
user Link to the User model
institution Link to the Institution model
first_name Users first name as it appears in the citation
middle_initial Users middle initial as it appears in the citation
last_name Users last name as it appears in the citation
dept_code Department of the institution the User was a member of at the time of the citation
encoding Language encoding of the attributes above

alias of ContributorsDoesNotExist

_meta = <peewee.Metadata object>
_schema = <peewee.SchemaManager object>
created = <ExtendDateTimeField: Contributors.created>
deleted = <ExtendDateTimeField: Contributors.deleted>
dept_code = <CharField: Contributors.dept_code>
encoding = <CharField: Contributors.encoding>
first_name = <CharField: Contributors.first_name>

Convert the hash into the object fields.

id = <AutoField:>
institution = <ForeignKeyField: Contributors.institution>
institution_id = <ForeignKeyField: Contributors.institution>
last_name = <CharField: Contributors.last_name>
middle_initial = <CharField: Contributors.middle_initial>

Convert the object fields into a serializable hash.

updated = <ExtendDateTimeField: Contributors.updated>
user = <ForeignKeyField: Contributors.user>
user_id = <ForeignKeyField: Contributors.user>
classmethod where_clause(kwargs)[source]

Generate the PeeWee where clause used in searching.